It is difficult to find right words because its matter of taste n flavor. My family is a mango loving family and we have very famous mango trees in our orchard namely Mallika, Dushehri, Amrapali, Madras Afos, Maldah, Bombai, Zarda n local varieties. I had tasted Alphonso earlier but was not very impressed and I thought Alphonso is a hyped product and is liked by foreigners.

Vikram you have forced me to change my views. Indeed the mango I tasted earlier were not true Alphonso rather the stuff I received from Yummangoes is the real Alphonso and the whole lot was carefully picked and exclusively assorted. Please accept thanks. Again the history of Alphonso is very interesting.Thanks a lot. I would highly appreciate the gesture in future.

Dr. Singh


The mango season is over.  I am impressed by Yummangoes. I ordered five times and bought about 9 dozens of alphonso mangoes. The mangoes were of the best quality.

Yummangoes are the best in customer service. They deliver best quality hand picked mangoes. They respond to emails and take care of customer concerns. I can place orders and relax with the dependable, timely delivery, prompt customer care and quality assurance.

Ranganayaki Srinivas